Raising a small geeky human and trying to stay sane about it.

#5FandomFriday – Geeky Podcasts

There are a lot of REALLY GREAT podcasts out there. Unfortunately I just don’t listen to them! I’m not a big podcast person, but I should be. It mostly comes down to time! When I carpooled to work, I was introduced to a lot of great geeky podcasts like Judge John Hodgman, Waiting to X-Hale, and Imaginary Worlds.

My problem with podcasts is that I WANT to listen to them. Which means I can’t be doing anything else. Like writing this blog post or doing work – because I’ll get too distracted and stop listening. So I’ve got a long list of podcasts I want to listen to and not enough room on my five year old iPhone to accommodate them all.

Top geeky podcasts

1. My Favorite Murder

Shout out to my murderino friends! I watched too much Dateline and 20/20 in my childhood and this is where we’ve landed. Currently this is the only podcast I actually listen to. And I’m like three weeks behind in episodes. It’s a true crime comedy podcast which is absolutely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy it.

2. Stuff You Missed in History Class

I guess TECHNICALLY I also listen to Stuff You Missed in History class, but that’s because I put it on every night to fall asleep. I get gross anxiety driven insomnia, so having the story to focus on and not my own horrible brain helps me to fall asleep. I rarely know how the stories end.

3. Ladies Who League

It’s a sports podcast. YUP. I don’t know how I got so into rugby league, but here we are. I listen to rugby podcasts now. Well, it’s not rugby season right now, but I’m hoping to jump back in once the season starts in a couple months.

4. The Black Tapes (And all PRA Podcasts)

My favorite podcasts are story telling ones. The Black Tapes (particularly the first season) and the rest of the PRA podcast – Tanis, Rabbits, I haven’t listened to The Last Movie yet – are dark and mysterious…

5. Vinyl Cafe

The Vinyl Cafe is no longer a podcast and I’m heartbroken every day. Stuart McLean was a wonderful story teller and lover of music. His program, Vinyl Cafe, was produced and released as a podcast by the CBC as well as broadcast locally in Chicago on WBEZ. I happened upon the show one evening and was hooked. I’m very grateful that I got to attend the one Chicago tour performance they did back in 2015. Sadly Stuart passed away in 2017. The podcast is gone, but his stories still live on. You can find the discography on Spotify, but you’ll miss out on the wonder guest musicians the show featured. I was introduced to a lot of great bands like The Once and Birds of Chicago through his show. Anyway, if you like good storytelling, check Vinyl Cafe out.

BONUS PODCASTS! Bonnets at Dawn & UniCURSEity

I can’t end on that note, so I’ll throw a couple of bonus podcast recommendations because my friends host them and you should listen. Bonnets at Dawn is perfect for any Austen, Bronte or other classical lit fan. And at some point you might find my horrible guest appearance.

I’m a horrible friend who’s been super busy and hasn’t had time to listen to this (what I hear is AMAZING) podcast called UniCURSEity some awesome people I love and like are currently putting out. It’s a comedy/horror RPG story podcast full of horrible puns. Horrible. Puns.