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#5FandomFriday – Online Communities

Ah Friday. This week has been rough to say the least. Monday feels like forever ago, and I both wish I could forget and redo the entire time in between.

Today’s 5 Fandom Friday topic is something that I hold near and dear to my heart – internet friends! I fully admit the a decade ago I was in the “internet friends aren’t real friends” club, but then I discovered many wonderful online communities full of amazing people. My internet friends are some of my best friends and though we rarely get to meet in person, I absolutely love them and the support and friendship we share.

Online Communities I Love

1. Geek Girl Pen Pals

Where would I be without my OG community? I found out about this new club through Tumblr back almost seven years ago. I’ve found some of my best friends here and I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without them. We have such a strong and supportive group, and as a staff member I’m CONSTANTLY blown away by how amazing this community is. Love y’all.

2. Local Moms Stuff

Let’s be honest – Facebook moms groups can be THE HOTTEST of hot messes. We’ve all been there. But I really really lucked out that my neighborhood mom’s group is actually a very cool collective. Sure, sometimes I have to roll my eyes and keep scrolling, but for the most part it’s a great resource for advice and maternal camaraderie.

3. Geek Girl Strong/Esfinges

It’s a tie! Geek Girl Strong and Esfinges are going to have to share a spot for my fitness communities! Wellness and fitness can seem super intimidating and very local. I love the support and kindness that Robyn and the Geek Girl Strong community offer. The 2020 1Up Challenge will be happening soon, so make sure to join in to get fit with folks across the world!

Esfinges is the online international community for women in HEMA. Swordfighting is such an awesome hobby, but yeah, it can feel very male dominated at times. Esfinges is a great group of folks challenging that view and offering advice and support to women and non-binary people who train.

4. Baby Wearing Groups

Oh, how many baby wearing groups am I in on Facebook? Honestly, I’d LOVE to quit Facebook forever, but my baby wearing and moms groups keep me there for now. When I first had my kiddo and I bought my first wrap I didn’t know it would take me down this crazy path. It’s a very niche little community but full of pretty awesome people.

5. Sartorial Geek

Rounding out my list with Sartorial Geek cause of course I am! I struggle a lot with fashion and body image. I have since I can remember. I super applaud Jordan and Liz for working hard to create a great community where people can express themselves and share their joys through fun and fashion. Big thanks for bringing back 5 Fandom Friday too!