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#5FandomFriday – Ways to Enjoy Self Care

Me: I should put together that 5 Fandom Friday post for today.

Also me: I should sit on the couch and marathon Cheer.

I’m probably not the best person to write about self care. I’m not good at it. I never have been. I always put the needs of everyone else before myself and that’s something I need to work. More importantly, I need to give myself permission to take care of myself. It’s a process. I’ll get there. Hopefully.

Ways to Enjoy Self Care

1. Yoga

I forgot just how much I love yoga. I started doing yoga about a decade ago and practiced pretty regularly up through my 8th month of pregnancy. I’m not the strongest or the most flexible person, but that’s not what yoga is about for me. I’m drawn to studios and teachers that focus more on the meditative and strengthening side of things instead of just a gym-like cardio workout. The past few weeks I’ve started going to classes again at a new studio near my work, and I already see a difference in my mood and my posture.

2. Video Games

Sometimes self care comes in the form of video games. My personal favorite quick self care break is Stardew Valley because you can play a “day” at a time which roughly translates to about 15 minutes of real life. If I wnat to get lost for a while, Pokemon is my current jam, but there are also the Sims and Skyrim.

3. Get Creative

Creativity is a great self care outlet for me. I love working on projects and I love to just have that time to let my right brain go since so much of what I have to focus on at work and home is very left brain organizational tasks. Being creative can be as simple or as complex as needed. I enjoy having weekly studio time to work with metals but I also love when I can make time to sew. Fun fact – my secret love is water colors, so I when I really need some chill time, that’s where it’s at.

4. Netflix & Chill

Speaking of chill… Let’s me real, this should be way higher up on the list. I seriously had to pause the Netflix docuseries I’m currently marathoning so that I could force myself to finish writing this post. My self care recently seems to be a lot of watching tv. I don’t love it because I’d rather still be challenging myself even in my self care, but it really is ok just to zone out and let your mind and body rest.

5. Candles?

IDK? I’m struggling for a #5. I’ve been trying to light more candles this winter to help combat my seasonal blues. I guess put all those other self care things here? Take a hot shower. Buy yourself some flowers. Hug your cat.

Any tips?