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Ya’ll know I love baby wearing. I bet your sick of hearing about it by now. WELL TOUGH. If you ever have questions about baby wearing, shoot them my way. I’m by no means an expert (some people are in far deeper than I am…) but I’ll do my best to help guide you!

Moby Wrap – Jersey knit wraps are a total gateway wrap. 😛 They are cheap and easy to use for newborns, but really you aren’t going to be able to use one beyond about six months. Which is fine. By that point you can either transfer to a stroller or become a crazy baby wearing person… I’ll let you guess which one I am.

Beco Gemini – Our SSC (soft structured carrier) saw near daily use when I commuted to and from daycare. I love the cross back straps that the Gemini has – way more comfortable – but also that it can convert to a back carrier. After a year of constant abuse I finally had a minor plastic safety piece break, but it’s still in usable condition.

Oscha Woven Wraps – The final leap in baby wearing is just learning to use a woven wrap. There are all sorts of fiber blends and patterns and colors and brands to sort between. I found myself drawn to Oscha wraps because of the Middle Earth wraps they make, but there are plenty of beautiful wraps out there. You can’t just get one… You’ll have to get them all…

Carrier Cover – Ah the joys of winter baby wearing… If you live in the north, you are going to have to figure out how to stay warm. There are lots of ways to explore, but I went with a carrier cover that would snap into winter pea coat. It worked really well last year and hoping it works again this year!