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Fav Things: Bed Time

Ah sweet, sweet baby sleep. This is a hot button item as any parent will tell you. Learning to sleep is crazy hard. My infant sucked at sleeping. I didn’t luck out with one of those easy babies who was sleeping through the night at mere weeks old. It was a grueling year plus to get to where he would sleep through the night. Luckily (knock on wood) he’s now (mostly) great at going to bed and easy(ish) to put down for naps. I’m recommending these four items that helped me on my sleep journey, but every baby is completely different so it’s so so difficult to talk about sleep.

Little Unicorn swaddle blankets – I quickly became a master swaddler. I love Little Unicorn for their adult friendly patterns that I could double as a scarf when I needed a spare blanket on the go.

Nuroo swaddle – We transitioned from the swaddle blanket to the Nuroo swaddle. It’s a pocket that you stick you baby in then hook and loop wings to cosy your baby in place. Once baby learns to roll, just velcro under the arms. It made for an easy swaddle transition.

Bitta Kidda – How do you get your kid to sleep with a blanket? Asking for a friend… At two years old we are still in our Bitta Kidda sleep sack (though he can get himself out of it now if he wants.) I’m not sure how to transition to a blanket. We’ve started putting one on him at night, but he never stays under it. The Bitta Kidda is just part of bedtime. He has never been much for lovies, but we tried! And the built in Bitta Kidda ones are perfect for freak out moms like me.

Noise Maker – Get yourself a noise maker. Get yourself a good noisemaker. You don’t need oceans and forest breezes. You just need that good static. Like these that lined the hallway in the building where my therapist’s office was.