Raising a small geeky human and trying to stay sane about it.


…And none of you told me?*

~~~ TIME MACHINE~~~ The year was 2014. We were all so much younger then. I was just discovering my whole nerdy online community. I was still finding myself and my people. Enter Kristen from SuperSpaceChick and Megan from The Nerdy Girlie with 5 Fandom Friday! I really looked forward to seeing what my friend’s chose for their replies and finding new friends along the way.

It feels like a much simpler time than now. Life kind of creeps up on you, doesn’t it? I was super pumped to find out that Sartorial Geek is teaming up with Kristen and Megan to bring back prompts for the year! I can’t guarantee participating every week – I was actually debating giving up my blog all together – but maybe it will rekindle some of my love for writing again.

Fandom resolutions for 2020

1. Game Nights

Potluck game nights? Yes, please. Since becoming a parent, finding time to hang out with friends has become difficult to schedule. I’d love to arrange a monthly game night themed around a particular tabletop or video game and just have a people bring a snack and themselves over like once a month.

2. Family Cosplay

The family that cosplays together… doesn’t get separated easily at conventions? I haven’t had a lot of spare time recently (again, that darn parent thing) but I really want to pull together a family group costume. I probably won’t be able to pull this off before C2E2 the end of February, but maybe I can plan ahead for Halloween. Baby Yoda will still be relevant then, right?


I want to get more into tabletop RPGs, but I’m intimidated by the time commitment. I would be interested in pulling together a couple of smaller one shots or maybe something that works spread out over a looooong period of time. I’m very open to suggestions if anyone has ideas!

4. Wonder Woman Energy

I don’t think you understand just how pumped I am for WW 1984 to be released this summer. (Hello Steve Trevor’s fanny pack!) I’ve loved Wonder Woman since I was a little kid. She’s a bad ass bitch in charge and that’s the energy I need to carry into 2020.

5. Nerd Mom

Now that my kid is three, I guess it’s time to start getting him into some fandoms. He loves droids (R2D2 is called RD-D2 for some reason) and Batman. I’m hoping to start getting him into some kid-friendly fandoms and am looking for any suggestions!

*Except Stewie and Jen who’s blog posts tipped me off! I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for these prompts!