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Hashtag Toddler Mom

This is take two. I wrote another paragraph to start this blog post, but I scratched it for being too much of a downer. It took me about an hour and a half to write and ended with me bawling for no discernible reason. So hey, just to say, I see you toddler parents. I know you are just trying to do your best but probably feel like you are failing a lot of the time.

Toddler life is no joke. I don’t remember where we were six months ago. So much has changed so quickly. I’m doing what I can just to grow and adapt and try to stay one step ahead. Right now, I’d say we’ve got this 90% of the time. And I’ve got an amazing kid. Some positives?

He’s almost completely potty trained. There are a few day time accidents still, but he’s even keeping his overnight diaper dry about half the time.

Just like *that* he’s stopped biting again. It’s been about a month since our last incident. He’s generally pretty compassionate. I mean, more so than I expect from a two year old.

He loves his bike! He’s really starting to cruise on the balance bike. I still catch my breath when he pulls both legs up, but he’s ready to go fast. Luckily, he’s also getting good about stopping at intersections.

He has a massive sweet tooth, but also loves food. I’m pretty sure he just ate blueberries and pickled okra for dinner tonight. He loves goat cheese and pretzels and eats pretty much anything.

However, his FOMO is real. For the past year we had an amazing sleep routine & schedule, but now he’s pushing me to my limit to get him to bed. He’s trying to drop his nap. Unfortunately for him, he still really needs that nap. So now we struggle to get him to nap, get frustrated, and end up taking him out in the stroller or car where he IMMEDIATELY falls asleep.

I know this means he will be dropping this nap soon, but I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, we won’t have to schedule our days around getting him someplace quiet for a nap. On the other hand, I look forward to getting some time for myself midday to decompress. It’s been vital to my mental health, and I’m kind of freaking out without it.

Not getting a good nap means that we’ve got to get an overtired toddler on our hands for bedtime. It’s that manic running around while also rubbing the eyes look that tells you that you’re in trouble.

I need to focus on keeping my frustrations, especially while trying to get a toddler to sleep, in check. It’s hard running on fumes though. By the time he’s down for bed and I’ve made myself dinner, I have maybe two hours to get done what needs to be done (and hopefully spend some time to chill) before I need to be getting ready for bed so I can wake up at 6:15a and do it all over again.