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The Strange Independence of Two & a Half

We’ve reached our last of the little kid milestones. Two & a half. When he was born we counted days, then weeks, then months. Two & a half is the last milestone before we move to years. At his two & a half year check up last week I was answering all the doctor’s behavioral milestone questions when my child – clad only in Thomas the Tank Engine undies – opened the door, stepped out into the hallway, and closed the door behind him with a cheeky “BYE.” I exchanged a glance with the doctor then opened the door to have him turn and running laughing all the way down the hall. Past the nurses station where they “aww’d” as he ran by, and all the way up to the receptionist who chuckled as I grabbed his hand and lead him back to the doctor at the end of the hall.

He loves people. He loves entertaining people. He’s far more extroverted than both of his parents. He’s constantly asking to go to parties. He LOVES parties. We marched in the Pride parade last weekend and he was having such a blast being in crowds of people – waving and giving high fives. While we were surrounded by people in the staging area – he even took a nap!

Our newest daycare continues to be a giant relief. I love his lead teachers, I know all the kids names, they go on field trips and have class parties where I can meet other parents. He knows his letters, his numbers, and all his colors (in English & Spanish!) He even has a best friend – the other kid in his class who bites! The perfect pair… Sometimes they bite each other, but often times he’s biting other kids. And sometimes for the funniest reasons:

Your child was washing his hands with a friend when the friend turned off the water, so your child leaned over and bite the friend. (The friend then scratched him leaving a deeper wound…)

Your child saw a friend bite another friend, so he went over and bit that friend too.

The children were asked to put away toys and a friend went to pick up the toy that your child was going for, so he bit them.

This week has been especially rough with one of his lead teachers on vacation, but I’m hoping that once she’s back things will calm down a bit.

Evenings and weekends there is no calm. He is a ball of constant energy.

He’s always moving, always dancing, always singing, always active – never stopping. Sometimes never napping. Those days are the hardest. At least we can get outside now that it is summer. I bought a child seat for the back of my bike and it feels amazing to be back on two wheels after probably five years of letting my bike get covered in dust. He loves it. But he loves attempting to use his little yellow balance bike even more. It’s slow going right now, but I think he’ll pick it up very quickly…

Between work, keeping home, and parenting, I’m not getting much time to relax and recharge. On top of this, I’m doing about five hours of sword fighting a week. These last six months have been a challenge. My brain and body are overloaded, but I wouldn’t give any of it up.

Two & a half is hard.

Creating boundaries is hard.

Encouraging independence while enforcing limits is hard.

Raising a tiny human who has strong opinions and boundless energy is hard.

But I’m super proud of this little one and all he’s learning and exploring. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Except maybe a massage and a glass of wine.